about us

Welcome to ZZ Kennel's! We are excited that you have stopped by our page. We are Antony & Troy Zimmerman (ZZ). We are a brother team who both love and enjoy dogs. It was our love for these amazing and beautiful creatures that has lead us to breeding dogs. We wanted to take the wonderful characteristics, qualities, and traits of a large lovable dog (like a Husky) and compile that with the smaller size and cuteness of a Pomeranian to create an undeniably irresistible companion for you to love!

We believe in quality for our dogs. Therefore when we choose our mothers and fathers we base our decision on qualities such as: demeanor, attitude, personality, and genetic markers that can be used to make up a good Pomsky. We do not use male Pomeranian's smaller then 10 lbs because we feel that Pomeranian's smaller then that have high health risks. Also we pick our Poms with longer muzzles, ears that stand up, and most importantly their temperament. We try to find calm but bold Poms with a love for people to help match a Husky. Our mother Huskies are picked for strong husky traits, nice coloring, and good body (strength, agility,  and movement). Also most importantly we look for a good temperament, loving, bold and strong, and full of energy. We try to deliver a litter of huskies from the female mother before breeding Pomsky's. We do this to see how well their traits and genetics pass on. We cannot wait for you to take home your very own miniature fluffy "teddy bear" Pomsky. 





If you have any question on current pups that are available or would like to reserve a pup from a up coming litter, please contact us.